Monday, February 19, 2007

A Legal Alien

Lawful permanent resident is what it says on the Alien Registration Card.

I like living in the melting pot of Northern California, they let me in because I know things that are useful. I stay because the things I do make a bigger difference here.

British Citizen is what it says on the Passport. I like being British, but I don't miss being there.

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clathey said...

I understand your being able to explain the complicated to the untrained mind. It truly takes a grasp of both the subject and the mind of the other. I understand it because as a dentist I'm forever having to give patients a realistic assessment of their oral condition and how, why, or why not certain procedures will or won't work for them and so on....

I recently had the pleasure of attending a dowager British Lady of note who was having an endodontic emergency while visiting the US on a lecture tour and, I, being an Anglofile of sorts and someone who enjoys turns of phrase and the lot, got a laugh out of her desire to "spend a penny" before leaving the office--once translated into American, I offered that she might enjoy the phrase "powder her nose."
(That is the British positioning of the period, inside the quotation marks, eh?)

At any rate welcome aboard the US, matey--I hope your ability to explain things to the unknowing will help in the realm of theology vs. not. Having tax-free, free enterprise--in effect, state SUPPORTED--religion in this country we have religious fanatacism approaching that of the Islamic world--so it's an uphill battle. And as Patrick O'Brian might write, "Reason ain't in it." Laisser le bon temps roule!